Training in financial communication

We help you with education and training tailored to your needs.

Examples of training sessions we can help you with:

IR in Practice

IR in Practice is a training course for those working in communication within a listed or soon-to-be listed company who want to learn more about Investor Relations. Over the course of a day, you will have the opportunity to listen to knowledgeable and experienced speakers who share their unique perspectives within Investor Relations. Examples of program points include:

  • Introduction to Investor Relations – for the company, the investor, and the journalist
  • Basic tools – website, annual report, and interim report
  • What constitutes market-moving information?
  • Proactive IR work
  • The new media landscape from an IR perspective

Tailored IR Training

Based on your company’s needs within IR, we develop and conduct tailored IR training for senior executives and/or other employees at the company.

Customised Media Training

Aspekta has extensive experience in the media training of CEOs, CFOs, communications managers, and other senior executives at listed companies. Media training needs to be continuously updated based on the company’s current situation and changes in the external environment. Theoretical components are combined with interview training sessions in front of a camera, where all participants receive direct feedback and the opportunity to improve their performance. After completing the training, participants will have received an awareness of the company’s key messages and how they best can be conveyed.

Message Training

Aspekta organises training sessions where the company’s spokespersons or management team gather to refine and practice the company’s messages to the capital markets. Based on a current situation analysis, potential shifts in various messages are discussed, as well as clarifications that can strengthen and clarify the company’s communication.

IR in Social Media

With a well-thought-out strategy for how the company should act on social media, significant opportunities arise to build and support a strong financial brand by creating transparency and thereby trust among key stakeholders. The training is customised based on the customer’s needs.


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