Strategy & Plan

We help you find the right focus and planning horizon in your advocacy work.

A long-term advocacy strategy with an associated plan for ongoing activities and efforts is the difference between success and failure. Well-founded choices of approaches and activities to form opinions and build relationships with decision-makers strengthen your ability to work purposefully. We are your advisors, facilitators, and educators throughout the entire process.

Why is having a strategy and plan important?

• It is the company’s common guiding principle over time
• It serves as a basis for budget and resource allocation decisions
• It provides focus and continuity in the work
• It provides a common foundation for speaking with a unified voice

Examples of what we can help you with

• Advocacy strategy
• Position papers
• Communication strategy with activities
• Messaging platform

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Åsa Väärälä

Åsa Väärälä

Senior Consultant

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Thomas Pålsson

Partner and Senior Consultant