Media Relationship Management & Media Training

We help you get positive exposure in the media – and deal with the negative.


By understanding what constitutes news, you can proactively work to gain positive exposure in the media. With an understanding of the logic of the media, you are also better equipped when you wish to avoid attention. We have years of experience working with the media and relationship-building activities. Our media training is based on theoretical insights into today’s media landscape, but above all on individually tailored practical exercises.

Why are media relationship management and media training important?

  • It helps you build awareness and trust for your business through the media
  • It teaches you to formulate messages clearly and concisely
  • It makes you more confident in situations where you face probing questions
  • It helps you protect your brand in the event of a crisis

Examples of what we can help you with

  • Individual and group tailored media training
  • Development of media strategies and plans
  • Identification of media outlets, editors, and journalists covering your industry
  • Production and distribution of press releases

Do you want to know more? Contact:

Linda Molin

Linda Molin

CEO and Partner

Thomas Pålsson

Thomas Pålsson

Partner and Senior Consultant