Financial Reporting

We help you create accurate valuation on financial markets.

Strategic financial reporting is an effective communication tool towards investors, shareholders, and analysts, contributing to fair valuation and increased interest. We have extensive experience in project managing and production of financial reports for listed companies. Based on a strategic perspective, we take a comprehensive approach and develop financial reporting both in terms of content and format.

Why is a communicative strategy important for financial reports?

  • Financial reports are some of the best tools for listed companies to create visibility and convey their messages to stakeholders
  • A strong communication strategy in financial reporting provides transparency, credibility, and an accurate portrayal of the company, which in turn leads to long-lasting relationship-building
  • Strategic financial communication helps strengthen the company’s financial brand

Exempel på vad vi kan hjälpa dig med

  • Production of annual reports
  • Production of interim reports
  • Development and enhancement of Investor Relations websites
  • Production of Investor Relations videos
  • Development of capital market presentations
  • Strategic support for ongoing communication in line with stock exchange requirements and regulations


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Anna Westesson

Anna Westesson

Partner and Senior Consultant

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Jonas Årefors

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