Digital Opinion Formation

We help you influence through digital and social media.

For those who want to rally more support behind their stance, social media is a powerful tool in advocacy efforts. A well-planned campaign can quickly yield effects that reach far beyond digital boundaries and reach decision-makers. We assist you in everything from selecting channels to messages and influential collaborations.

Why should you work on digital opinion formation?

  • It gives you the opportunity to exert influence on societal issues and decisions that affect your business
  • It is a powerful and resource-efficient way to disseminate your messages
  • It connects your brand to a societal issue
  • It helps you build a community around your brand

Examples of what we can help you with

  • Digital advocacy strategy
  • Concrete advocacy plan and content calendar
  • Environmental and situational analysis
  • Audience and stakeholder analysis
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Advocacy content creation

Do you want to know more? Contact one of us:

Philip Tönning

Philip Tönning