Crisis Inventory

We help you prepare for the unexpected.

All businesses can be affected by a crisis, but with proper preparation, the consequences can be mitigated. By defining various potential risk scenarios and planning communication around the most likely risks, you strengthen your organisation’s ability to successfully navigate and manage a crisis situation.

 Why is a crisis inventory important?

  • It clarifies where the most likely crises may occur
  • It indicates where crisis preparedness resources should be allocated
  • It reduces the risk of unforeseen events that may damage trust in your organisation
  • It helps prepare communication for the most likely crises

Examples of what we can help you with

  • Evaluation of risks based on probability, impact, and responsibility
  • Inventorying and categorising crisis scenarios that may affect your business
  • Prioritising crisis scenarios based on the need for management
  • Preparation of communication for the highest-ranked scenarios

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Linda Molin

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Thomas Pålsson

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