Analysis & Data

We help you create relevance and accuracy in your advocacy work.

Preliminary research is crucial for creating relevance and precision in your advocacy work. We assist you throughout the process with essential information so that you can base your strategic decisions and future work on well-founded facts.

Why are analyses and data important?

  • It provides knowledge and decision-making support
  • It serves as the basis for a successful strategy
  • It acts as a barometer for external events, shifts in positions, and statements

Examples of what we can help you with

  • External monitoring and situational analysis
  • Target audience and stakeholder analysis
  • Positioning analysis
  • External monitoring with political reports, reports with development of events and media coverage
  • Mapping and analysis of specific topics, relevant forums, and speaking opportunities
  • Monitoring of activities, seminars, or political debates
  • External monitoring

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Åsa Väärälä

Åsa Väärälä

Senior Consultant

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Thomas Pålsson

Partner and Senior Consultant