Visual Identity & Graphical Form

We help you build a brand that people recognise.


A visual identity facilitates the creation of a unified, credible, and recognisable brand. Your choice of logo, colours, typography, images, and illustrations lays the foundation for the initial impression of your business – and subsequent recognition. Whether you are new to the market and need help with the basics, or are an established player looking to refresh, we help you find and convey the right feeling.

Why is a visual identity important?

  • It helps to shape the first impression of your brand
  • It creates recognition and builds credibility
  • It simplifies your daily work of creating content 

Examples of what we can help you with

  • Logotype, colours, typography, and choice of imagery
  • Graphic manual
  • Photography and editing for image banks

Do you want to know more? Contact:

Linda Molin

Linda Molin

CEO and Partner

Thomas Pålsson

Thomas Pålsson

Partner and Senior Consultant