PR Strategy / PR Plan

We help you reach out with your messages and strengthen your brand.



By working with PR, you can build relationships and generate attention in a trustworthy manner. You avoid the concern of being systematically filtered out by an ad-weary target group and instead build your communication on earned attention. We know what works and assist you with both a strategic framework and concrete activities and campaigns.

Why is a PR strategy and PR plan important?

  • It explains how and why you work with PR
  • It provides focus and continuity in your PR efforts
  • It allows for the creation of PR around sudden and relevant external events

Examples of what we can help you with:

  • Strategy for the PR work
  • Practical PR plans with both long and short-term horizons
  • PR campaigns for increased brand awareness, product awareness, etc.

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Linda Molin

Linda Molin

CEO and Partner

Thomas Pålsson

Thomas Pålsson

Partner and Senior Consultant