Implementation Support and Ongoing Advice

We are your external advisor and support when change is to be implemented.

Communication is a key factor in change processes. It contributes to determining how effectively and quickly a change can be implemented and accepted. Change processes can be emotional and affect many people in different ways. Therefore, change communication needs to be planned and proactive, and be based on the different needs of the target groups. The communication aims to increase awareness, understanding, and participation among employees and other identified target groups.

Managers and change leaders have a great responsibility during a change and are exposed, also emotionally. Aspekta provides communicative support during the implementation phase when changes are to be implemented in an organisation. With ongoing advice, relevant managers receive external communication support when new situations or needs arise. Aspekta can moreover contribute during the implementation phase with knowledge and additional resources in the project management role, environmental monitoring, and production of written materials.

Why is it important?

  • It helps to create communicative conditions and support for managers during the change process
  • It enables proactive and planned communication throughout the change process
  • It helps to maintain a factual attitude and ensure consistency in the communication
  • It helps to identify and evaluate new communication needs
  • It provides additional resources and new expertise when internal resources are insufficient

Examples of what we can help you with

  • Ongoing strategic communicative advice to managers and change leaders
  • Continuous assessments to identify and evaluate new communication needs
  • Monitoring of comments on intranets or internal social platforms
  • Production of written and video materials
  • Project management of communication to support change leaders
  • Environmental monitoring for media attention


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